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Materi IPS terpadu kelas VIII Bilingual
1 Employment is who someone is paid to work for a company or organisazation

3 Work age inhibatitans are who are 15 age years old up.
4 Non work age are those who are under 15 years old or who have been up of 65 years old..
5 Labour force is Resident which has entered work age, either those who have accuption, who have not or who are seekingfor work
6 Manpower is person that ready to do stuff
Unemployent is the number of people who do not have a job which provides money
According to the length of working time
1 Open unemployment takes place when labour actually do not have any work
2 Under unemployment happens when labour do not work optimally because of nothingmess of vacation or employment
3 Disguished unemployment takes place when labour do not work optimumly because the excess of labour
According to its caution
1 Struktural unemployment takes place because a change in economic structure, example a change of agrarian economic structure to industrial economic structure.
2 Frictional unemployment is commutation of work or friction of lanbour.
3 Seasonal unemployment because of a periodic change of labour demand. Like part time lobur.

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