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1.The most correct obout map definition is…
A.Picture of earth that is made without a scale on a flat plane and seen from above
B.Conventional picture of the earth surface which is made with a scale and drawn on a flatsurface and see from above
C.The picture of earth surface which is made with a scale and drawn on a slopingsurface if it’s seen from above
D.Conventional picture of the earth surface made with a scale and drawn on a flat surface and seen from the side

2.Cartografphy is a science about…
A.Earth topography
B.The surface of earth

3.Meridian on the surface of the earth or globe can be used to…
A.Determine the climate of an area
B.Determine the earth rotation
C.Established the season difference
D.Estabilish the time area

4.These arethematic maps, except…
A.Chography map
B.Climate map
C.Map of population distribution
D.Mining distribution map
5.The actual rotation of the earth or globe of from…
A.East to west
B.West to east
C.South to north
D.North to south
6.The inclination of thea globe to the flat plane is…
A.90 degree
B.75 degree
C.66,5 degree
D.23,5 degree
7.An imitation of earth in small size called…
A.A map
B.A sketch
C.A mockup
D.A globe
8.The definition of atlas below is…
A.A map made on flat plane
B.A map made on a ball
C.Group af maps which as made like a book
D.A group of book with containing maps
9.Green colour in a map symbolized of mark is…
D.High mountain
10.The area symbol of a avtive mountain is…

11.A map scale expressed in a sentences is called…
A.Normal scale
B.Verbal scale
C.Graphical scale
D.Numeric scale
12.A map with 1 : 5.000 until 1 : 250.000 scale is called…map
13.The thematic map is a…
A.Mapwhich is made on a flat plane
B.Group of maps in a certain theme
C.Amap which is made based on certain theme
D.A basic map to make other map
14.The basic directionused in an map is usually…
15.A map must equivalent, its means…
A.According to the scale
B.The map shape must be the same as the reality
C.Map must be drawn upright from above
D.Distances drawn in a map must be the same as the real distance

16.On the map sketch, number 4 is…
C.Map making year
17.The objective of giving an inset is to clarify…
B.Latitude position
C.Meridien position
D.Important location in map
18.Five condition/requirements of map are…
A.Title, scale, legend and orientation
B.Inset, scale, legend, orientation and index
C.Legend, title, map making year and orientation

18.Someone’s visualization about world situation or situation around him/her is known as…
A.Topographic map
B.General map
C.Specific map
D.Mental map

19.One objective of mental map is…
A.to show the map of a whole region
B.To show an object in a simply way
C.To easethe use of geographical object
D.To provide a good and nice data source

20.To know someone’s mental map ability it’s easly done by….
A.Doing mathematical observation
B.Mentioning some places
C.Mentioning one place
D.Showing some places in a map

21.These are the objectives of mapping, except…
A.To create interest in created object
B.To highlight important object
C.To ease geographical object analysis
D.To make data precessing easier

22.If you want to make a population density map of your region, you can find the data from…
A.Central bureau of statistics
B.National office of land affairs
C.Office of land transportation
D.Local geologic office

23.These are processes of mental map making, except…
A.Collecting map
C.Sketching mental map
D.Mental map presentation

24.A map must be equivalent, it means…
A.It gives coorect information
B.It has the same shape
C.It has proportional area comparison to the original area
D.It has accurate data

25.The simplest method in resizing without using specific tools is called…
A.Areal photo
B.Photo copy
D.Grid system

26.A map must have proportional distance compariton with the real distance, that map requirement is called…

27.The method used to compensate for the weakness of grid system in resizing a map is…
A.Union jack
B.Double grid
C.Cross grid
D.Union grid

28.The last step which is used in mental map making process is…
C.Determining the map scale
D.Determining the basic map

29.The first step in map resizing by grid system is…
A.Determiningthe size of ggrid
B.Symbolizing every line with a number and letter
C.Copying the map from the original shap
D.Determining the size of map

30.The requirement ofa map is that it has information about the map symbols, the map requirement is…
C.Orientation symbol
D.Map source

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