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  1. Kind ofGoods Value
  2. Definition ofCapital production factors
  3. An extension effort of production
  4. Example of Direct distribution
  5. Definition ofWholeseller
  6. The factor which influences the consumption level
  7. The objective/purpose of performing a consumption activity
  8. The main purpose of a
  9. Definition of Cooperative
  10. One of matters that ought to be regarded before starting to be distributor
  11. Example of economic motive
  12. Example of mineral resource
  13. Manpower skill which is required in an economic activity
  14. Policy of Deandels
  15. Tarumanegara king was…
  16. The one that is not a factor that supported the development of Islam in Indonesia
  17. One of the walisanga who used shadow puppet shows to spread Islam
  18. One method used by VOC to take control of a certain region was by creating conflicts among the parties existing in the area
  19. Effect from The fall of malaka into the hands of Portuguese people in 1511
  20. hasanudin and the Dutch agreement.
  21. The first Muslim king in Java
  22. The factor which made Demak Kingdom increasing fast
  23. one that is the ways of spreading Islam to Indonesia
  24. The one below that is not a role of the wali songo
  25. Science that learns weather specifically
  26. The tool to measure the direction and speed
  27. Volcanic lake definition
  28. Factor of Indonesia is called an agrarian country
  29. Stalactite and stalagmite
  30. Definition of Infiltration
  31. One of these which is included in five farming method (panca usaha tani))
  32. Definition Thematic Map
  33. Definition Suggestive, Social contact, Sympathy, Identification
  34. Definition of Imitation, Autosuggestion, Sympathy, Identification
  35. The main and first place for place for a child to learn to socialize
  36. Example of repressive socialization in family
  37. Definition of balance, surplus and deficit
  38. The definition of hydrosphere
  39. Glacier river in Indonesia can only be found in papua
  40. The biggest quantity of gas in the
  41. Definition of Weather
  42. Ozone layer that filters ultraviolet located
  43. A negative effect of the geographical position of Indonesia
  44. The effect of astronomical position of Indonesia
  45. The objectives of mapping
  46. Definition of Inset, Legend, Orientation symbol, Map source
  47. Definition of Economic principle
  48. Definition of economic human
  49. The God of the Sun of Kutai people
  50. The leader of Jakarta in the past who defeated VOC and drove them back to Maluku

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